Under $100 Kitchen Makeover

I almost can’t believe this day is finally here. Woo hoo!  Today’s the day I get to share my under $100 kitchen makeover with you.

My blog tagline is ‘You can create a home that smiles by repurposing, reusing, and rethinking’. I certainly hope by the end of this post you’ll agree that it’s not only possible, but on a very low budget too.

My goal with this makeover was to create a fun kitchen that makes us feel happy.  Let’s face it, the outside world can be a crazy place and I really wanted us to have a bright and cheerful place that makes us smile… and even laugh.

This kitchen makeover adventure started in January and, honestly, there were times when I thought I’d be on this road forever… especially during the summer when much of my time and attention had to go to the yard and gardens.

Most of the big projects got done pretty quick. It tends to be the little details and fun decorative touches that take me some time, but when it comes to room makeovers the little things are just as important as the big ones.


Wooden pig chef and vintage timer for under $100 kitchen makeover reveal after

Pierre, my wooden pig chef kitchen mascot, and I are both overjoyed with the outcome. It’s cheap, it’s cheerful… and most importantly… it’s done!

So… welcome to my aqua and red under $100 kitchen makeover. I’m so glad you’re here!

There’s a lot to see so grab yourself a cup of something, have a seat, and let me show you around. I’m including links along the way so you can easily take some project side trips, but don’t forget to come back to the main tour.

I hope you enjoy it!


Repainted kitchen cupboards for under $100 kitchen reveal after

One of the first projects was painting the kitchen cupboards . Now I’m not going to lie… this is a huge job, but honestly I love to paint and I find it quite relaxing. When we moved into this house 19 years ago I knew I’d always be keeping these old cupboards. They just kinda do it for me. This is the third time I’ve repainted them, and hopefully it’ll be the last.

But who am I kidding? lol.

I also painted the ceiling and walls a creamy white. You’ll see in the before pics at the end of this post that they were a creamy yellow.

If you’re like me, and need to decorate on a budget the easiest and least expensive way to make a huge difference is with paint.


Decoupaged kitchen counters for under $100 kitchen makeover reveal after

I made and added the punched tin panels myself about 15 years ago, and they will always be staying.

The electrical tape faux tile back splash was a fun and easy project that totally transformed the look of this main cupboard area. I’ve never cut so many squares in my life!

I wanted some pops of yellow so the spray painted glass vases and tulips were an easy way to add that, and they help me make sense of those rather strange and clutter-attracting shelves. As long as they have these vases on them I won’t be able to fill them with other messy looking stuff.


Cookie sheet chalkboard and bench seat makeover for under $100 kitchen reveal after

Wow, I can’t believe I didn’t remember to put some bananas in my vintage strainer. Oh wait a second, yes I can. lol. So help me out here and imagine, if you will, some lovely yellow bananas in that lovely blue strainer. 🙂

The faux redwork tool caddy fruit storage, was a fun makeover. I’ve always loved redwork embroidery.

If you have any plain vinyl blinds, this faux tea towel blind makeover cost me nothing and makes a huge difference to the look of the windows.

And the vintage egg beater window valance and grater window valance were just a way for me to display a collection and the graters that I use to make junk owl wind chimes.


Wooden wall plaques makeover for under $100 kitchen reveal after

That sweet little bench was a garage sale find and it was already white so all it needed was a fun, fast, and funky bench seat makeover.

I’m a vintage bakeware collector and the repurposed cookie sheet chalkboard was another quick and easy project. It’s a handy place for  me to write down things that we need as I think of them so I don’t forget. So far it seems to be working.


China cabinet makeover for under $100 kitchen reveal after

The sweet little country wall plaques and the chair pictures over the china cabinet got quick and easy frame makeovers.

That vintage starburst clock makeover was done for the living room a few years ago. I just hung it on an existing nail, but I think it needs to be moved down a bit. I didn’t even notice that until I saw this pic. The clock does work, but I just display it for its cool factor.


Decoupaged garbage can for under $100 kitchen reveal after

I really wanted the table and chairs to make a statement. So I upped the fun factor with the tablecloth kitchen chairs makeover, and the decoupaged vinyl tablecloth table makeover. Now that was quite the experiment, and I’m very happy with how it turned out.

I’m a polka dot loving girl so my decoupaged garbage can is perfect for me.

I love sprinkling different patterns around a room.


Spray painted chairs makeover for under $100 kitchen makeover reveal after

This china cabinet, which I’ve had for years along with the matching table and chairs, proved to be a bit of a challenge.

I totally shifted gears during the first china cabinet makeover, and then I tweaked that makeover with a quick and easy mini makeover of that makeover.

Oh my gosh… the things you see when you look at photos that you didn’t see before. That phone beside the china cabinet so needs a makeover. Yikes! It stands out like… well… an ugly phone. lol. I think a little red spray paint will turn it into a beauty. So help me out again and imagine, if you will, a lovely red phone. lol. (Yes, we still have wall phones here in the boonies.)


Kitchen table and chairs makeover for under $100 kitchen makeover reveal after

The two vintage wooden chairs on either side of the china cabinet were a great auction find from years ago. I gave them a quick makeover to freshen them up.


Repurposed rolling pin window valance for under $100 kitchen makeover reveal after

The repurposed rolling pin window valance was an easy way to hang some kitchen gadgets close to the cooking area, and it’s fun to look at.

And I found the cafe sign a while back and just spray painted it red. It adds a much needed pop of colour on top of the fridge.


Electrical tape faux tile backsplash for under $100 kitchen makeover reveal after

The beautiful floral tablecloth is a recent thrift store find that I hung with a tension rod and clips that I already had. It makes a lovely door curtain between the kitchen and family room, and it can easily be pulled aside. The family room needs a makeover at some point, and will be following in the kitchen’s fun and funky footsteps.

The red clock came from the living room, and I’ve had the vintage bread box for a few years.


Spray painted glass vases for under $100 kitchen makeover reveal after

Some vintage coffee pots storage containers from my stashes replaced a ceramic set of canisters that had to go, and my graters kitchen light gives much more light to the room that the small fixture I had there before.

I made a simple pot lid window valance with a few vintage lids from my collection.


Repurposed graters ceiling light fixture for under $100 kitchen makeover reveal after

Thanks to my hubby John, who found the perfect recipe book, my decoupaged recipes kitchen counters are one of my favourite things ever.

I originally thought they were going to be temporary, until I could afford new counters but… you know what? I’ve fallen completely in love with them, and they’re staying… maybe forever.

The best thing about them is that if there’s ever some damage or a stain… I can just grab a recipe (I had tons left over) and some Mod Podge and cover it up.


Under $100 red and aqua kitchen makeover reveal after

You’ll see in the before pictures below that the flooring used to be brown toned. I did a make-under by removing the vinyl plank floating floor to reveal this blue and white vinyl tile floor that John and I put down probably about 15 years ago. I wasn’t even sure of its condition, but I lucked out. It’s not perfect, but it really pulls the whole kitchen together.

Here are some befores and afters of my under $100 kitchen makeover.

Under $100 kitchen makeover reveal before

Under $100 kitchen makeover reveal after



Under $100 kitchen makeover reveal before

Decoupaged kitchen counters for under $100 kitchen makeover reveal after



Under $100 kitchen makeover reveal before

Bench seat makeover and cookie sheet chalkboard for under $100 kitchen makeover reveal after



Under $100 kitchen makeover reveal before

Spray painted picture frames for under $100 kitchen makeover reveal after



Under $100 kitchen makeover reveal before

China cabinet makeover for under $100 kitchen makeover reveal after



Under $100 kitchen makeover reveal before

Kitchen table and chairs makeover for under $100 kitchen makeover reveal after



Under $100 kitchen makeover reveal before

Electrical tape faux tile backsplash for under $100 kitchen makeover reveal after

I’ll probably be putting some rag rugs down for the winter. I have some that my mother made for me years ago.

For now I kinda want to enjoy the floor au natural. It’s so light and bright!


Under $100 kitchen red and aqua makeover reveal after

The kitchen light over the table and chairs will be staying for now. I have a repurposing project in mind to replace it, but I need one last piece.  I’m patient and will happily wait until I find exactly what I’m looking for.

So here’s my cost list for my Under $100 Kitchen Makeover. I’m only counting things that I purchased for this makeover. I’m not counting supplies or items that I already had that I used, reused, or repurposed in some way.

  • Enchanted Evening paint for cupboards, doors, trim, and wainscoting: $34.00
  • White ReStore paint and primer combo for walls and ceiling, and mixed leftover white with leftover Enchanted Evening for china cabinet, kitchen table and chairs: $15
  • Recipe book for Decoupaged Counters: $4,  already had all other supplies
  • Electrical tape for Faux Tile Backsplash: $2, already had all other supplies
  • Wrapping Paper for first China Cabinet Makeover: $2
  • Tablecloth for second China Cabinet makeover: $1
  • Adhesive letters for Coffee Pot Storage Containers: $1
  • Pig and Timer Makeover: $1, already had pig
  • Red and white tablecloth for kitchen chairs makeover: $2
  • Wooden Wall Plaques: $2
  • Vinyl Tablecloth for decoupaged kitchen table makeover: $2
  • Tool Caddy turned into Fruit holder: $5
  • Faux Tea Towel Vinyl Blinds: Zero, already had all supplies
  • Vintage Egg Beater Window Valance: Zero, already had all supplies
  • Grater Window Valance: Zero, already had all supplies
  • Vintage Pot Lid Window Valance: Zero, already had all supplies
  • Vintage white holey chairs: Zero, already had all supplies
  • Wooden tulips for spray painted glass vases : $1 (already had the vases)
  • Scarf and bench seat for bench seat makeover: $3
  • Chair pictures: $5
  • Scarf door curtain and hardware: $1
  • Floral tablecloth door curtain and hardware: $2
  • Red Cafe Sign: $1
  • Blue Salt & Pepper Shakers: $1
  • Red Oven Mitts, tea towels, and dish cloths: $8
  • 2 red and white polka dot trays for 2 cat dining areas: $2
  • Painted white pine potato bin for cat food: Zero
  • Chalkboard Vinyl for Cookie sheet chalkboard: 2
  • Gift wrap for Decoupaged Garbage Can: $1
  • Removing vinyl floating floor to reveal vinyl tile floor underneath: Zero

For just $98.00, and a lot of hard but mostly fun work, I created a kitchen that makes us smile… and that’s what it’s all about for me.

The kitchen door is the one we use all the time, and now when we come home from work each day it’s such a wonderful warm welcome. So bright and cheerful!


Don’t forget to pin it.

Under $100 Kitchen Makeover

So I hope I’ve convinced you that a complete room makeover is possible on a small budget. It’s all about working with what you have and figuring out how to make it better with some time, a little luck, a whole lot of patience, and an adventurous creative spirit.

Oh, and a sense of humour helps a lot… because things can and will go wrong, and as evidenced by me things can and will be forgotten. lol.

My kitchen isn’t perfect, but honestly it doesn’t have to be. Personality is what makes a room… not perfection.

Anyone can create a room that smiles by repurposing, reusing, and rethinking. Just because we don’t have a lot of  money to spend doesn’t mean we can’t decorate our homes in a way that brings us joy.

There’s actually a sense of freedom that comes from having practically no budget to work with. That might sound strange, but it forces you to think differently… more creatively, it opens your mind and makes room for all kinds of crazy what-if ideas.

And I do love it when crazy what-if ideas actually turn out to be not so crazy. 🙂

I just wish it happened all the time. lol.

Thanks so much for reading, and until next time…

keep on keepin’ on!


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  1. I love the vibrant colors you chose for your kitchen! Those valances made from graters and beaters and lids are so incredibly clever! I would definitely be smiling every time I entered this cheerful space. -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

    1. Tuula McPhee says:

      Thanks so much Marci! I really believe we should get our collections of things out of boxes and closets and put out into the open when we can enjoy them every day. I’m so happy I was able to do that.

  2. Christina in SW FL says:

    Tuula, WOW! What a fun, funky, cheerful and thrifty makeover. Your kitchen is … sparklicious! Truly happy and just makes me smile. Thank you for sharing all your details!!

    1. Tuula McPhee says:

      Thanks Christina! I love that word… sparkilicios… has a nice ring to it. 🙂

  3. Oh Tuula, it looks great!! I love all the little touches you added and I still can’t believe how good that floor looks, I bet you’re so glad you took the chance on it! I definitely think that phone needs a makeover too though! :o)


    1. Tuula McPhee says:

      Thanks Tania! I’m so glad I just went for it with the floor. I was very lucky on this one. That phone is mocking me. lol. It’s just calling out for some spray paint love.

  4. It was so fun to see this makeover all along the way with each project that you made. All together and done it is fabulous! I am an aqua/red girl so this speaks to me loud and clear. Great job!!

    1. Tuula McPhee says:

      Thanks very much AnnMarie! I’m pretty sure the aqua and red will be spreading to other rooms in the house, but not until after Christmas. I need a room makeover break. lol.

  5. Mary Boger says:

    Your kitchen is wonderful!! No matter what the color scheme. The red and
    turquoise is my fav though. All the special touches…oops of yellow and
    Whimsy. So much space!! Lucky lucky girl. Those French doors are my
    secret wish. Cannot believe how you managed all that on so little cost.
    I really enjoy your posts. It’s fun to see the treasures you find and how you use
    them. Just shows that not everything has to come new from the store. It’s
    good when we give old things new purpose. Thank you!! ?

    1. Tuula McPhee says:

      Thanks Mary! You’re so right… I’m very lucky to have such a large space. Even though the cupboards aren’t very practical by today’s standards I love them anyway. Decorating with thrift store finds is one of my favourite things to do. It keeps costs down so I can buy some things retail when I really have to. We put the french doors up years ago when the adjoining room was a dining room. It’s now my hubby’s office because we don’t do formal dining, and it’s a better use of the space for us. I’m so glad you’re enjoying my posts. 🙂

  6. Yay, congratulations! I know you’ve been waiting a while and working very hard on this (I feel your pain on the cabinet painting lol.) Now you can relax! It’s a cheerful place you’ve put your artistic signature on and I know you’ll enjoy it all for a long time to come:)
    xo Kathleen|Our Hopeful Home

    1. Tuula McPhee says:

      Thanks so much Kathleen! I know you get how much work a room makeover can be, but it’s always worth it in the end. Now I can relax until after the holidays when the next makeover will start. Just have to decide which room it will be. Unfortunately I have a few to choose from. Decisions… decisions.

    2. You have completed and now have “your happy place” . So easy to smile when you walk into your cute kitchen. Great job.

      1. Tuula McPhee says:

        Thanks very much Pam! The kitchen has definitely become my happy place. 🙂

  7. Marvelous!!! It was such fun to watch and go along this adventure with you. You are so lucky to have such a nice sized kitchen with ALL those cabinets and ALL that counter space! So jealous. I have counter space for a coffe pot and a bread box, yep that’s it! LOL
    Congrats on the conclusion ♥

    1. Tuula McPhee says:

      Thanks very much Deb! I am a lucky girl that’s for sure. Thanks so much for coming along on this ride. 🙂

  8. Sandy McClay says:

    I would love tos ee some photos during the day, I think nighttime or ones with shades drawn make it look a bit neon…I loved watching this all happen! You must smile so big when you walk into thsi room every morning!

    1. Tuula McPhee says:

      Thanks so much Sandy! This room makes me smile every time I walk into it. The paint is quite bright, but that totally works for me. I literally took hundreds of pics at different times of the day with the blind up and down, and it took hours to go through them all. Pretty exhausting too. One of these days I’ll get a much better camera that can handle light coming in through windows. It’s always a problem that my current camera just doesn’t deal with very well.

  9. What a beautiful result! You have such a way with color and the things you find.

    1. Tuula McPhee says:

      Thank you so much Judi! I’m very happy to have a lighter and brighter kitchen, especially because of the cold and snowy winters that we have here.

  10. Late to this party! House sitting, you know. The before and afters are breathtaking!!! Best makeover ever, girl!! Dona

    1. Tuula McPhee says:

      Thanks so much Dona! I’m so glad I can call it done and now I can just enjoy it.

  11. Tula great job it looks so bright fresh and pretty. Well done on the budget certainly worth a year of work.

    1. Tuula McPhee says:

      Thanks so much Mel! Working on an almost nothing budget does makes room makeovers take what seems like forever, but it’s very rewarding when it’s all done. There were so many things in the kitchen that needed doing. I don’t think the next rooms I do will be this complicated. At least I hope not. lol.

  12. Tuula, I’ve really enjoyed watching the transformation of your kitchen. It looks so cheerful & Pierre is fabulous! Thank you for sharing at Vintage Charm–pinned!

    1. Tuula McPhee says:

      Thanks very much for sharing Cecilia!

  13. I hadn’t seen this yet. Where have I been? This looks great Tuula! OK, so I wasn’t a fan of the bright aqua and red at first, but in comparing to your before picks, it’s a great improvement; it’s fun, and I can see how it makes you smile. I see a lot of things I like. I hadn’t seen your floor before, and it looks so nice now. Love all the fun valances, and you pointed out how you can just add more recipes to your counters if they get messed up. That’s a huge plus. I’m really liking it.

    1. Tuula McPhee says:

      Thanks so much Florence! I know aqua and red aren’t for everyone, but they’re definitely for me… and my kitchen definitely makes me smile. Especially right now when it’s -15 outside. lol.

  14. Tuula what a stunning kitchen makeover. And you have done it all with practically no budget. I bet it must make you smile when you walk into that pretty blue kitchen.

    1. Tuula McPhee says:

      Thanks Mary! It really does make me smile, especially because it cost me so little. A lot of elbow grease though, but I’m always willing to spend that.

  15. I’m so glad I got to see before and after pictures; I liked a lot of components of the before kitchen and the after one, too. That blue is definitely a more upbeat color and I love the “new” floor. Makes me think about some DIy-ing for my own kitchen. I feel like I “know” you a bit better being invited into your home!

    1. Tuula McPhee says:

      Thanks Kathy! The sage green kitchen was me when I did it 15 years ago, but the new aqua and red is definitely more me now. As I’m getting older I’m feeling the need to brighten things up with fun colours that are happy and cheerful. Every day when I come home from work and I enter my kitchen it makes me smile, and for me that’s what it’s all about. It’s amazing what a bit of money and a whole lot a elbow grease can do.

  16. Your kitchen is so bright, beautiful and cheerful! Job well done! Also love your adorable pig! Thanks for sharing!

  17. MaryEllen says:

    Although I am not a big fan of aqua, I LOVE red and white, as well as using old vintage cooking tools for decorating i.e. the egg beater valance and rolling pin with utensils over shade. But the red work shade and the cookie sheet chalkboard are pure genius in my book. Thank you for sharing.

  18. think it has been 4 years since this post but it still inspires me to stroll thru and read some of the how-to projects on various pieces. You are so creative and have a wonderful eye. Always enjoy your posts when I get your emails! Thanks for sharing your talent!