Upcycled Sugar Bowl Trinket Holder

How to create an upcycled sugar bowl trinket holder

Silver plate items are pretty plentiful at the thrift stores in my neck of the woods, and I almost can’t resist bringing them home because the cheap pricing is soooo tempting.

I’ve been creating wind chimes with silver pieces for years now, like this sugar bowl wind chime, but it’s also fun to find other ways to repurpose them.

DIY Upcycled Sugar Bowl Trinket Holder with Decoupage Postage Stamps

Like the easy upcycled sugar bowl trinket holder that I’m sharing with you today.

vintage silver plate sugar bowl with lid

This vintage silver plate sugar bowl cost me just $1 at my local thrift store. There are many things you could do to it to pretty it up, but I’m choosing to decoupage it with colorful postage stamps, of which I have a large collection.

Like I did with this decoupaged sifter pencil holder, this decoupaged vintage table makeover, and these decoupaged Easter eggs.

You could, of course, use it as is. But what fun would that be? 🙂

NOTE: I’m not a serious stamp collector. All stamps used for this project, and any other similar project you may see on my website, were purchased in bulk for the sole purpose of crafting with them.

postage stamps sorted by color

I store my stamps by color to make creating with them easier.

Supplies needed for upcycled sugar bowl trinket holder

  • silver creamer with lid
  • postage stamps
  • decoupage medium (I’m using Mod Podge Hard Coat because that’s what I had on hand)
  • brush
  • utility knife

decoupage medium and brush

An inexpensive artist type brush is best for this project because it can get into little spaces.

Decoupaging postage stamps onto sugar bowl

applying decoupage medium onto silver sugar bowl

Before decoupaging I gave the sugar bowl a quick wipe with a cloth, and then I simply applied some decoupage medium. If there’s any tarnish you don’t need to remove it. You can decoupage right over it.

applying postage stamps onto silver sugar bowl in random patterm

And you just go ahead and start randomly adding the stamps. Because of the shape of the sugar bowl and the fact that it has handles and feet that you need to make your way around, a random pattern is best. Make sure your stamps at the top reach beyond the edge of the sugar bowl. These bits will be trimmed off later.

using end of brush to get into hard to reach places

The end of the brush helps to smooth down the stamps in the tight spots.

continuing to apply postage stamps onto sides of silver sugar bowl

You just keep making your way around the sugar bowl in a way that looks good to you. I didn’t really think about what was on the stamps so much as I was mostly interested in mixing up the colors.

close up of how to apply stamps around silver sugar bowl handles

By varying the angles of the postage stamps you can get around the handles and feet quite easily.

letting silver sugar bowl cure with all stamps

Here’s my sugar bowl all done. I gave it a coat of the decoupage medium, making sure to also get it on the bits that are going to be cut off later. This makes the paper harder, making it easier to trim.

applying stamps to lid of silver sugar bowl

The lid was a bit more of a challenge, but still pretty easy. I started at the top and made my way around and down.

letting decoupaged silver sugar bowl and lid sit and cure

I gave the lid a coat of the decoupage medium and then let both sit overnight to really harden up.

Trimming off excess

using utility knife to trim edges of postage stamps

A utility knife with a very sharp blade makes easy work of trimming off the ends of the postage stamps. And it doesn’t have to be perfect.

Sanding decoupaged sugar bowl

sanding decoupaged silver sugar bowl with sanding block

I gave the sugar bowl and the lid a nice sanding with a fine grit sanding block, just to smooth down any bumps and get rid of any bits around the top edge. It doesn’t have to be perfectly smooth. You just want it to feel nice to the touch.

I gave the sugar bowl and lid two more coats of the decoupage medium, letting it dry, and sanding in between.

decoupaged silver sugar bowl with postage stamps bottom

Here’s the bottom. Even though it won’t be seen much it still has to look pretty.

upcycled silver sugar bowl into trinket holder with decoupaged postage stamps side one

I love to craft with postage stamps because they give finished pieces a mosaic type look, and they’re a lot of fun to play with.

upcycled silver sugar bowl into trinket holder with decoupaged postage stamps side two

Projects that you can just create in a random way are very creatively freeing.

Upcycled sugar bowl trinket holder

decoupaged and upcycled silver sugar bowl into trinket holder with postage stamps

This upcycled sugar bowl could be used in many ways, but I think it makes a fun and funky little trinket holder. It could be on the night table to hold items removed before bed like a watch, rings etc; or on a table in a foyer for keys and coins. Those are just a couple of ideas. What would you store inside it?

This was such a fun and pretty easy project, and I hope I’ve inspired you to create an upcycled sugar bowl trinket holder of your own.

It would be greatly appreciated if you would pin this project to your favorite Pinterest board, and also share it with your friends.

DIY Upcycled Sugar Bowl Trinket Holder with Decoupage Postage Stamps

Thanks so much for reading and until next time,

keep on keepin’ on!


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  1. That is so cute!! I love it. But do you mind telling me where you get the postage stamps in bulk?

    1. Thanks Florence! It was a fun project. I found the stamps at an etsy shop called Stamp Supplies, which occasionally has bulk lots available.

  2. Would a coat of Mod Podge on the silver plated handles and feet help to retard tarnish?

    1. Hi Joanne, while I do love Mod Podge it does seem to flake off the silver plate when it dries, which is great if you get any where you don’t want it. So it wouldn’t work to stop the silver from tarnishing. You could try a clear coat of a spray poly once the piece is all done. There are no guarantees, but it might be worth a try.

  3. Well, Tuula, I’m running out of adjectives to use with all the wonderful things you make!! I’m glad that Florence asked where you got those stamps! I might be interested in getting some, too. I don’t know what I’d put in it, but I do know I’d keep it where everyone who came in the house would see it!!

    1. Thanks Dona! This was as really fun project. Even if it sits empty, it’s fun to look at.

  4. MaryEllen says:

    Great idea!! I have a silver plate dish that would look great this way…and a great aunt collected stamps from all over the world, so I have a stash! Thank you for the idea!