Vintage Baking Pan Joy Banner

Last week I  showed you my vintage baking pan shadow boxes, and I had to find something to do with their removable bottoms.

Here’s what I came up with… an easy peasy Joy banner.

Vintage Baking Pan Joy Banner

Check out these lovely aged bottoms. (And this is the one and only time you’ll hear me say that… believe me! lol.)


Vintage Baking Pan Joy Banner

Just like with my shadow boxes I didn’t want to damage the bottoms in any way so I used Gorilla tape to join the 3 bottoms together with jute twine. I’m really loving this jute twine lately. I’m just using it all over the place.


Vintage Baking Pan Joy Banner


I printed out the word JOY on regular paper, with each letter the size to fit each bottom.


Vintage Baking Pan Joy Banner


I traced the letters onto cardboard and spray painted them red.


Vintage Baking Pan Joy Banner


Then I wrapped some lace ribbon around each letter, gluing just the beginning and end. Then all I needed were some craft magnets from the dollar store. I glued those on too, making sure that some of the glue was on the cardboard under the lace.

This is such an easy and quick way to pretty up some cardboard letters.


Vintage Baking Pan Joy Banner
And here are some close ups of my finished banner. It’s about 28″ long… perfect to hang on a door.
Do you call it a banner when it’s vertical? I have no idea.
Vintage Baking Pan Joy Banner

I attached a bow at the top, used a pair of vintage clip earrings at the joins, and added a dangle from my Christmas decorations.


Vintage Baking Pan Joy Banner


I already had these things in my stash.


Vintage Baking Pan Joy Banner


After Christmas I can just take it apart and make it into something else, or just change the word and the decorations. Who knows? Not even me.

Vintage Baking Pan Joy Banner

The one thing I don’t like about this time of year is that it’s dark at 5:30 when I get home from work. This makes for less than fabulous picture taking in the evenings, and I just can’t leave everything for the weekends.

But I’m sure you get the idea. It’s much brighter in person.

Sprinkle a little joy somewhere today… and smile!


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  1. This is adorable, Tuula and so creative. This needs to be featured in a holiday magazine! You're becoming like Danni – making things so that you can reuse them. It's fantastic that you can use the entire pans again.
    Glad I got to see this. I'm on the road this morning- that is- if we can get the car started. We packed the Prius last night and left something on – the battery is dead. Hope to be back in a few days.

  2. Gorgeous and very clever and what a beautiful addition that it makes for your home.
    Glad to see that you didn't ruin the pans or the bottoms in any way. I like the natural / rustic look of them.
    You're really on a roll when it comes to decorating your home for the holidays.
    Looking forward into seeing more of your creativity

  3. How cute! I love the little beaded tassle on the bottom too! You are one clever girl using those magnets! I think you can call it a vertical banner!

  4. My lovely aged bottom and I love the vertical banner. Especially the bling you added. So clever and Danni-esque to have it made to repurpose. I need to make some letters from cardboard and may steal the lace idea. "I heart you" banner for Valentine's! You need to make a banner for Gail to hang in front of her Prius to avoid dead batteries!

  5. Best phrase of the day…lovely aged bottom!!! I love it!
    Smart use of those lovely bottoms, Tuula.

  6. I love how you didn't ruin these pan bottoms and yet made the cutest little decoration! JOY is one of my favorite words! Thanks for sharing at TTF!