A Vintage Cast of Ornament Characters

Vintage ornaments are such fun, and I’ve been lucky to find some good ones this year.
Wooden Snowman Ornaments


Like these adorable wooden snowmen.
There really is something charming about these sort of naively painted ornaments, especially the guy on the right with his bright red nose. I wonder if Rudolph is missing his?


Wooden Santa Ornaments

And these festive looking wooden Santas with their rather bewildered looking faces.  SOLD.
Wooden Eskimo Ornaments
This wooden Eskimo couple is my favourite non-glass ornament find this year because I’ve never seen anything like them.
Wooden Eskimo Ornaments


Aren’t they adorable with their papooses on their backs?


Wooden Nutcracker Ornaments
These 7 different nutcrackers were all found separately, but put together they make a nice set… even if  one is missing his gold string. SOLD.
Anne of Green Gables Ornament

I was a big fan of Anne of Green Gables, and here’s an ornament of Anne playing what I think is a mandolin, and her friend (Gilbert maybe?) and a sweet little bird listen in. I love the expression of sweet joy on Anne’s face. These ceramic ornaments are hand marked 1988. I think they may have been someone’s ceramic project.  SOLD.

Porcelain Doll Ornaments


And last but not least these 3 Victorian porcelain doll ornaments with moving arms and legs. Looks like the bride and 2 brides maids are all decked out in their finest for the big event. They’re so pretty.I just listed all of these ornaments in my etsy shop hereWhatever doesn’t sell I will happily keep for my own trees.

Thanks so much for reading! Have a great day!
“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.”
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  1. These are so cool Tuula! Now you have me wanting to go search for vintage ornaments! I love the wooden ones.. they make me think of my childhood.

  2. I love all the fun ornaments you found. I recently received a Mickey Mouse musical drummer set with all the Disney characters and I love it. I have to build some sort of holder for it but that will be for next year.

  3. The wooden ornaments are always fun and I have collected many of them but never seen the Eskimo couple…so cute!

  4. Love all the ornaments you found, but the Eskimos are so sweet! I have never seen anything like them either! I'm sure you will have no trouble finding new homes for all of them!

  5. caroline dawson says:

    Do you still have the miniature victorian doll ornaments? I would love to buy them. Thanks

    1. Hi Caroline! I’m sorry, but they were sold some time ago.