Finds of the Week #1

Happy Saturday Friends!So I’m in the thrift store the other day, on my lunch hour, and I’m looking through some doilies and other linen thingies… and I see something rather odd looking peeking out from underneath some tablecloths. It looked like an eye.

What the heck is that? I said to myself.

I removed the tablecloths and, to my surprise, what did I find underneath?

Vintage Plastic Dolls
Doll body parts…

vintage plastic doll body parts…

vintage plastic flattened-like-pancakes doll body parts…

hidden under the linens.

I had to rescue them. Didn’t I?

Of course, I did.


Vintage Plastic Dolls

I poured the parts out of the baggie and onto the table, and my first thought was…

What would Donna do with these?


Vintage Plastic Dolls

I went ahead and snapped their parts together.


Poor girl looked like she had frog legs.

Oh no… that won’t do.

Vintage Plastic Dolls

Let’s try that again… shall we?

Vintage Plastic Dolls
That’s better. I think they look much happier now.

Except they aren’t wearing any clothes!!! And it’s winter!

Seriously, someone needs to make these naked dolls a wardrobe, but it’s not going to be me.

I’m so not a sewer.


They may be as naked as… well, a couple of naked dolls, but they do have embossed labels in that mystery language where their belly buttons are supposed to be.
Vintage Plastic Dolls

They did come with some clothing patterns on sheets of cardboard… three outfits for each doll.

But I can’t read them

Does anyone know what mystery language this is?

Vintage Plastic Dolls

Apparently having clothes on makes these dolls very happy.

It makes them jump for joy.

Vintage Plastic Dolls
Isn’t that sweet?

OK… I’m having way too much fun playing with these dolls.

Step away from the dolls.

They remind me of the paper dress up dolls that I had as a girl, except these are large… about 10 1/2″ tall.

I’ve done some internet research and I can’t find anything about these dolls anywhere.
Vintage Plastic Dolls


Honestly, don’t you feel sorry for these poor sweet plastic babies? I know I sure do.I need to get them listed in my etsy shop so they can find a home with a sewing machine. Preferably with someone who knows how to work said sewing machine.

If you know anything about them, or you know what mystery language I’m looking at here, please share.

Now onto some dolls that have some clothes.

Amish Doll Forms

I found this Amish looking doll set in the original sealed bag. They’re about 19″ tall, and at least they have some clothes.

The boy is wearing overalls and the girl is wearing only pantaloons.

Well, I did say some clothes.

These vintage 80s SUNSET shabby chic doll kits have lovely clothing patterns for these two 18″ sweethearts.
Sunset Doll Kits

That’s Elizabeth on the left and Emily on the right. They look so pretty dressed in their Sunday best… all embellished with lace and ribbons.


Over The Hill Doll

I can’t say as much for this healing voodoo doll… oh sorry, I mean Over The Hill Doll.

The note that came on this doll reads: Stick pins where symptoms of old age arise. You may need more pins. haha.

I’m sure I will.

I think I resemble some of those ailments.

Over The Hill Doll

I decided I would give this healing voodoo doll a test.

So when I had a sore neck the other day I stuck a pin in it (the doll’s neck, not mine) and lo and behold it worked.

A few minutes later my sore neck was gone. Just like that!

I’m sure the muscle relaxant I took had nothing to do with it.

Do you need an Over The Hill voodoo doll in your life? If you do just remember with great power comes great responsibility. This doll should only be used for good.

Old Couple Candle Set
And speaking of over the hill I found this very old couple candle set dressed in old time clothes.

He’s carrying an umbrella, and she has a purse on her arm.

According to the label on the bottom of the old man they were handcrafted in Quebec.

I have no idea of their age, but they’ve never been used.

You can find all these things  in my etsy shop, except the mystery language dolls. I’ll be keeping those until I find out more about them.

Thanks so much for reading!


Keep on keepin’ on!


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  1. What fascinating finds Tuula. The first dolls similar to paper dolls are too cool! Some little person would be thrilled with them!!

  2. Hey Tuula! Love your doll haul! I think the language might be Russian. My brother (he is no longer living) spent a few years in Russia and he would send the family souvenirs from over there. I remember those little curly figures (what looks like a smile or u shape) over the letter u. I guess it's some sort of accent mark. But I could be wrong.

  3. Love all your finds, but the flat dolls are so cute. You might type in some of that language and see if it pops up in google!!

  4. BODY PARTS!!! Yay! I love those flat dolls. I am surprised you do not keep them to repurpose in some way. The old couple candles? I have seen figurines of them. The Amish girl is being immodest. Thanks for the shout-out.

  5. Hi Tuula,
    You found some unique treasures. I hope you find out more on the dolls. The odd couple candles is just that odd!!!! Hope you find out more on your plastic dolls.

  6. Interesting finds…especially the flat dolls. I have never seen anything like them before. I hope you are able to find out more about them. It drives me crazy when I can't find any information on something I find. Good luck and happy weekend!

  7. What a great post. I enjoyed it and I give a vote that the mystery language might be Russian. I love anything about quirky kinds of dolls.

  8. You have quite a theme going on here. I've never seen anything like those sweet little plastic dolls. Hope you can find out more about them and discover how rare they are and the last set sold on Antiques Road Show for 2.8 gazillion $.

  9. These are so interesting, I've never seen this kind of dolls before:)

    1. The fun thing about thrifting is that you can often find unusual things, like these dolls. Thanks so much for stopping by!

  10. Those little flat dolls were kind of fascinating! I have never seen anything like them! Of course Donna would love the body parts! LOL! You made some great finds again Tuula!

  11. Hey, no fair! Those flat dolls aren't anatomically correct! That's no fun 😉

    That language looks like it's may be eastern european??

    Anyway, they're very,very cute Tuula. I'd be having fun with them too! (but I'd definitely be on the lookout for something to make him, ummmm, more interesting lol.