Vintage Egg Beater Wind Chimes

Wind Chimes! You just can’t beat ’em… on the deck, on the porch… anywhere really.. hanging from a simple nail or a fancy dancy hook.

vintage egg beater wind chime

I apologize in advance for all the puns in this post, but my hubby keeps telling me that I need to come out of my shell.


Vintage Egg Beater Wind Chimes

The creative side of my brain has been feeling a little fried lately, so I decided to head out to the thrift store to see if I could scramble up an idea for a project.

And lo and behold…. what did I find? A fabulous vintage egg beater in beautifully egg-cellent condition.


Vintage Egg Beater Wind Chimes

I’ve been collecting measuring spoon sets and I liberated this set of hearts from my stash to be used for the chimes.


Vintage Egg Beater Wind Chimes

I used some glass bead chains to hang the spoons from the bottom of the beater.

I poached them from a recently thrifted vintage hanging candle holder seen here.


Vintage Egg Beater Wind Chimes

The measuring spoons have messages engraved on their handles… a spoonful of happiness, a scoop of joy, a pinch of passion, and a dash of devotion.


Vintage Egg Beater Wind Chimes

I also used the glass bead chains at the top of the egg beater to hang it.

I tied the chains on with fishing line.

Vintage Egg Beater Wind Chimes

Then I added two chandelier crystals to bling it up a bit.

Bling. Bling.

Over easy peasy.

Vintage Egg Beater Wind Chimes

Then I added one to hang from the centre in the middle of the measuring spoons.

I added a green glass bead to bring down some of the green from the egg beater.

Blingity Bling Bling Bling!!

I am jumping-up-and-down egg-cited to say that the snow is gone, baby, gone… and spring is finally here.

Y-A-A-A-Y!!!You’re sooo freakin’ late Spring, but I forgive you… you’re here now, and that’s all that matters.

I can finally say Happy Spring!!!


Vintage Egg Beater Wind Chimes
And we can see the ground again.
Vintage Egg Beater Wind Chimes
And things are popping up.


The Thrifty Rebel
Happy Spring you variegated true blue rises!Y-A-A-A-Y!!!
The Thrifty Rebel

Happy Spring you beautiful pink sedums!Y-A-A-A-Y!!!


The Thrifty Rebel
Happy Spring you gorgeous pink tulips!Y-A-A-A-Y!!!
Vintage Egg Beater Wind Chimes
Happy Spring you fabulous pond!

Oh pond… you have no idea how much I missed you. Soon we’ll be hooking up your waterfall.Y-A-A-A-Y!!!


Vintage Egg Beater Wind Chimes
Just in case you’re wondering… the egg beater and measuring spoons used in this project were not harmed in any way, and could be re-repurposed again someday for their original intended purpose.
But what fun would that be? lol.

Go ahead and repurpose something in a way that is so far out there that your family and friends will look at you and with wonder…

and their frowns will be turned sunny side up.

Happy Spring all you wonderful bloggy and non-bloggy friends!! Y-A-A-A-Y!!!

P.S. These wind chimes shouldn’t be kept out for the winter… unless you want them to get weather beaten. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist one last one beat of the egg.)


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vintage egg beater wind chime

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  1. Glad that you were able to "beat" the winter blues! Cheers to some scrambled wind chimes. Very cute!

  2. You "poached " them? Funny and punny. I love the references to "It's A Wonderful Life" – I guess that was intentional :>)

  3. Cute idea! I'm so glad that spring is here too and that our snow is GONE too, although we can always still have a May snowstorm like we did last year. Still, it's wonderful that spring weather is here today!

  4. You are amazing, Tuula! I love your wind chimes 🙂 Have a beautiful day!

  5. This is cute idea. I think we all have waited so long for spring we are amazed it is finally appearing.


  6. This is uber adorable!!! And of course I love all the bling! Despite what you say, your creativity is actually overflowing!!! Each one better than the last!

  7. Well, you can't beat that! Another cute project! I love your egg beater wind chimes. Never thought I'd put those words together 😉 Love your creativity and your humor!!!

  8. I had never seen an egg beater like this ever in my life!!! It looks so interesting, I would like to try out how it actually works. I bet it must be tiring to use it to beat the cake batter….

  9. Tuula, you are too clever for your own good! I am too tired to make a funny play on words but will tell you that I thoroughly enjoyed this post!

  10. I love the addition of BLING! I would use the measuring spoons but hand beating…aint nobody got time for that! Happy spring your garden will be looking amazing before too long, we on the other hand are seeing winter blowing in and while it's not white like yours its been rather grey and dreary. I like that yi=oure coming out of your shell 🙂

  11. YOu are so funny! Catching up a little here and there you are all singing and blinging! Woohoo for spring and for this super fun egg beater windchime and some silly puns! Thanks for the morning smile!

  12. What a fun project and adorable post! Plus I'd get excited about seeing a pond start up as well. Love to have one of those one day after I finish my huge to do list.