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Vintage Enamel Bowl Tiered Stand

In Friday’s post here I showed you a set of vintage enamel bowls that I had recently thrifted.

I’m so excited to show you how I used them to make a tiered stand.

Vintage Enamel Bowl Tiered Stand

I found these two brass candlesticks that I thought would work for this project because they have a good weight to them.
Vintage Enamel Bowl Tiered Stand

Here’s the first dry fit. You can see some of the fabulous crazing on the mustard coloured bowl in this pic.


Vintage Enamel Bowl Tiered Stand

I didn’t like the round disk pieces and upon close inspection I discovered that the candlesticks came apart so I happily removed them (saving them for another use some day)… and did a second dry fit.

Much better I think.

Vintage Enamel Bowl Tiered Stand

I spray painted the candlesticks with Krylon white primer and paint combination, and glued the first one inside the largest bowl being used as the bottom.

I used Marine Goop adhesive for this project.

Vintage Enamel Bowl Tiered Stand

Then I glued the next bowl on top and the second candlestick inside that.

I secured them with painter’s tape so they wouldn’t move. The bowl on the top looks bigger than the one on the bottom in this pic, but that’s an illusion… it is smaller.

Vintage Enamel Bowl Tiered Stand

And then the top bowl was glued on.

Vintage Enamel Bowl Tiered Stand
And voila… a tiered stand.
The Marine Goop is very strong, but it takes a while to cure so it’s best to leave it over night.
Vintage Enamel Bowl Tiered Stand

My finished tiered stand is about 15″ tall and right now it’s holding some lace bits and other decorative bobs that I use when prettying up the packages of items that I sell.

I’ll be making more versions of these for sure. It was so easy, and the possibilities are endless.

Thanks so much for reading!

Have a great day!



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  1. Now this is amazing! So cute Tuula. I love the idea of storage the doesn't take up so much room. This would be so pretty on the bathroom vanity, the kitchen or on a desk. LOVE!

  2. Tuula, that is fabulous!! I figured you do something amazing with those bowls, but I sure didn't picture this! How wonderful!

  3. I Iove the look of tiered anything and you have done an awesome job in putting this one together! It's amazing what you can come up with when deciding how your wonderful collections fit together. These should sell well in your shop!

  4. This is a wonderful project!! The candlesticks are genius with the added weight!

  5. I love the finished project, but how do you keep them straight when they are drying. Is the glue actually called marine goop? I am trying to find something to make a three tier stand. I like that you use candlesticks instead of having to drill holes.

  6. What a thoughtful, useful and beautiful repurpose. You find the coolest things and transform them into even cooler things. What a wonderful second life you just gave your vintage finds.

  7. This is great Tuula – you've inspired me to keep my eyes peeled for candlesticks and pretty bowls during my thrift store hunts. Thanks for the inspiration! Your pretty tiered enamel stand caught my eye over at the Knick of Time Tuesday Party.
    Marie @ The Interior Frugalista

  8. Hi! Found you over at Linda's Coast Charm! a friend and I recently started a "thrift challenge" on our blogs where we challenge each other with an outfit, DIY project, or decor vignette to try and recreate from all thrifted items. Next week we are doing our FIRST reader challenge and (shhhh!) it will be a project just like this!! I would love if you'd enter your creation to the challenge once it goes live. Follow along either on my blog or INstagram/Facebook and we'll be posting the details. Here's a link to the challenge that was just completed: http://www.somethingtobefound.com/2014/02/february-thrift-challenge-reveal.html#.Uw9xqPldWSo

  9. This is just tooooo, toooo, pretty! What a conversation peice! When someone compliments it they'll be so interested to know you made it! ~Zuni

  10. Tuula,
    Thank you SO much for showing how you did this! I was just thinking, “I wish she would show how she made that tiered stand…” And since I just discovered your site, and have been looking around, you did!
    I have just started my own blog, so I’m getting a lot of inspiration from you….your craftiness just amazes me! I need to consult you on something I found that I’ve been beating my brains out on what to do with, and I’m coming up with zilch.
    I’m subscribing & sharing…
    Thanks so much!

    1. Thanks so much for your kind words Florence. Welcome to blogland! It’s really a wonderful place. Thanks so much for subscribing! It’s great to have you along for this repurposing adventure.