Finds of the Week #21

Happy Thursday all.

Even though the heat is continuing here we’re grateful that it’s feeling like +36 and not -36. That said +36 celcius is very hot… but I’m hanging in there… literally.

Vintage Wooden Hangers

With all the hangers I found how could I not? lol.

Like these three vintage wooden pant hangers.

Hangers with Braided Covers
These 19 metal hangers have braided covers in various colour combos and materials.


Crochet Covered Wooden Hangers


And these 6 crochet covered wooden hangers are very sweet.
Vintage Daher Enamel Tray Set


This vintage Daher enamel tray set is very funky. The large one is almost 18″ long.


Vintage Daher Enamel Tray Set


It screams the 70s so loudly that you don’t even have to look at the back to see the date, but it’s on the smallest piece just in case. The others are marked, but without a date.
Vintage Paris Souvenir Scarf


And my favourite finds of the week are these two Paris scarves. This one has the year 2000 on it, so it isn’t very old but I love the pink and blue combination.
Vintage Paris Souvenir Scarf


And this one is marked Nicole de Beauvoir, Paris. Both are 100% polyester and Made in Italy.
Even though I don’t wear scarves I couldn’t resist these two. It is Paris after all.
As always when stuff comes in, stuff has to go out. I dropped off two boxes of goodies to my favrourite thrift store yesterday… and I didn’t even stay to take a look around.
What?!!! Someone take my temperature. lol.

Thanks so much for reading, and until next time…

keep cool!


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  1. Hey girl!! I'm back! Been off house/critter sitting for 5 weeks! But I'm back in time to see all your great finds! Dona

  2. Some fun finds but of course the Paris scarves are my favorites! I love my collection of Paris items and these are very pretty scarves. I'm being good about taking out some things when new comes in also.

  3. I thought of Linda above when I saw the scarves. Love the crocheted hangers. When I first started teaching in the 70's I had my students make the braided hangers for their mothers in arts and crafts class. I went to Habitat to find some rusty wire and came home with a truckload. For a good cause though.

  4. Great finds, as usual! And I love the enamel tray set, too! You sound just like my hubby always telling me to get rid of something when I get new things – ugh, I just ignore him!

  5. The hangers are so fun! Lots of treasures here. You are so disciplined to drop off and then not load up again at the thrift store. I have steered clear of buying since I have about 50 items back logged in my back room to get through! I did give my daughter two boxes of stuff for her yard sale….none of it was vintage though so it was easy!

  6. I think the heat really is affecting you! I can't believe you didn't even have a peek??? Love all of your finds but those trays are definitely my favorites. Reminds me of the fall!