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Vintage Light Reflector Flower Ornaments

How to Make Flower Ornaments

It’s my favorite time of the month again… time for the Thrifty Chicks project challenge. Yay!

Each month I join some very talented blogging friends for a project challenge, and with a different theme each time it’s really a lot of fun. It’s usually the second Wednesday of the month, but because of some conflicting schedules we moved it up one day to today. There’s always so much going on during the Christmas season.

If you missed any of the past projects you can find them here.


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I’m so excited to see what my blogging friends have come up with for this month’s Christmas ornaments challenge. You’ll find links to their projects at the end of this post. Be sure to visit and check all the Christmas fabulousness.

But first I’ll share my ornaments project with you using stuff from a particular stash.


vintage silver punched tin light reflectors to be repuprosed into Christmas tree ornaments

For this ornaments challenge I’m delving into my Christmas light reflectors collection, starting with these vintage punched tin light reflectors. Unlike plastic light reflectors, which were meant for mini bulbs, these guys are for larger bulbs.

I remember having some of these on my childhood tree way back in the 60s. These already look like flowers, bu they do need pink prettyfication.


vintage plastic light reflector collection of all colors shapes and sizes

Here’s some of my plastic light reflector collection. They come in all shapes, sizes, colors… and are a lot of fun to create with. I usually find them mixed in bags for a dollar or two.

Like these Repurposed Jello Mold ornaments, and these Repurposed Tart Tin ornaments in which I also use some vintage foil reflectors.

I also have a large collection of clear light reflectors in all shapes and sizes too, but they don’t photograph very well. I used some tulip shaped ones in my Repurposed Thread Spool Garland.


vintage pink plastic light reflectors to be repuprosed into Christmas tree ornaments

Here’s the lot that I’m pulling from for today’s light reflector flower ornaments.

My living room tree is pink, green, and silver themed, and  these bright pink light reflectors will be fabulous.


Creating Flower Ornaments from Light Reflectors

close up of vintage silver metal punched tin light reflectors

To start I have to deal with those tine thingies in the center of the metal light reflectors.

If they’re already pointing down that’s awesome, but if not that needs to be fixed.


center tines bent back of vintage silver metal punched tin light reflector for repurposed light reflector ornaments

This is easily done by carefully pushing the tine thingies until they are pointing slightly down.

Don’t be too harsh with this or the tines may break right off. Slow and easy is best.


bent back center tines of vintage silver metal punched tin light reflector

Until they look like this.


adding hot glue to back of pink plastic and tinsel light reflector

Add some glue from your hot glue gun to the back of your light reflector.


pink light reflector pushed through hole in center of metal light reflector with tines hlding it in place

And push it through from front to back.

The tines help to keep the light reflector in place, but the glue is really what holds it together.


front view of pink light reflector glued onto silver metal light reflector for repurposed flower light reflector ornaments

Here’s what it looks like from the front.

You can leave it like this if you want, but adding something to the center is what really makes this looks like a flower.

It’s often the little details that make all the difference.


glued faux pearl into center of light relfectors for flower ornaments

Like simply gluing a faux pearl from a necklace that I found on my craft studio’s necklace window valance.


gluing jute twine on back of metal light reflector for flower ornaments

Then I glued one of my favorite things, jute twine, onto the back.

In my world jute twine goes with everything.


Flower ornament made from repurposed vintage metal and plastic light reflectors

And here’s my finished flower ornament made from vintage repurposed metal and plastic light reflectors.

It seems to photograph a little on the purple side of pink, but they’re color cousins so that’s perfectly ok.


Flower ornament made from repurposed vintage light reflectors on Christmas tree

And here’s one on the tree with one of my repurposed Cream Horn Cone Angels.


Flower ornament made from vintage repurposed light reflectors on Christmas tree

And here’s another one with my Repurposed Thread Spool Garland.

Now these light reflectors are back on the tree reflecting light in a different way.


Flower ornaments made from repurposed metal and plastic Christmas tree light reflector

Doing this flower ornaments project with these vintage light reflectors gave me another project idea, which I’ve already finished and will be sharing later in the week.


Save this project for later by pinning to your favorite board!Christmas tree flower Ornaments made from vintage metal and plastic repurposed light reflectors

 Now be sure to check out what my friends did with their Christmas ornament projects.

Just click on the links below to check them out.


Thanks so much for reading, and until next time…

keep on keepin’ on!


I sometimes share my projects and posts at these fabulous parties.


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  1. The ornaments are so pretty. I love how you recreated the light reflectors into a lovely ornament.

  2. Do those metal reflectors bring back memories of my childhood trees from the ’60s. Tuula, you know how much I admire your creative garden flowers but to see you made them some for Christmas, loving these too 🙂

  3. These are so cute! I don’t think I’ve really ever noticed light reflectors; I’ll be looking for them now! Love them with your thread spool garland! Merry Christmas, Tuula!

  4. These are so pretty, I don’t usually pay amy attention to those light reflectors but I definitely will now!

    1. Thanks Tania! They are one of my favorite things to create with. So many colors!

  5. Your reflector ornaments are just my style! I would love to see a picture of the whole tree! They look wonderful hanging next to your garland too!

    1. Thanks Pam! I still have a few more things to get on the tree, but I do hope to share some pics. 🙂

  6. Debra Hubbs says:

    These are so pretty! I’m a huge fan of vintage Christmas items. Last night I hung my old strand of lights with the small plastic reflectors on an antique hutch. Would love some metal reflectors!

    1. Thanks Debra! What a great idea to hang them on a hutch I’m sure it looks fabulous.

  7. Oh so very vintage! Super cute and creative way to use old Christmas items in a new way for Christmas! I will keep my out out for some of these while I am junkin’!

    Merry Christmas!

  8. Tuula, I love how these turned out! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm!