Vintage Metal Planter Wall Vase

Do you love to display fresh flowers inside the house in a vase?

In my house attempting to display flowers in a vase on any table or shelf anywhere is just asking for trouble, so a long time ago I just stopped doing it.

You see we share our house with 4 feline mischief seekers who basically let us pretend that we’re in charge, but we all know that’s not the way it really is. It’s just this game we play.

wall planter vase

While I do love our cats I have missed having fresh flowers in the house… until now.


wall planter vase

A while back I showed you this vintage planter that I thrifted for $2. I loved the shape and the curlicue thingies. It’s been hanging on a side wall of the back deck for a few months waiting to be planted.

A few days ago I came out after a rain and this planter was full of water, and it gave me an idea.


I know some of you would have left it as is, but because of where it’s going it definitely needed some spray paint love.


wall planter vase

I chose a yummy green.

Two very light coats did the job quite nicely, and let the rusty bits still show through.

No distressing required.


wall planter vase

Even though the planter will hold water I want to protect the inside from rusting out so I filled one of our summer plastic cups with water and placed it inside.

And just like that… it became a vase.


wall planter vase

Here’s the before again.

wall planter vase

And here’s my hanging vase filled with phlox (which smells heavenly by the way), love in a mist (the pretty little blue flowers, that turn into those seed pods after blooming) , and a few tiny daisy-like wildflowers… all  from my own gardens.

Just to be safe the planter is hanging on its own nail. I think it might be too heavy to hang it from the chicken wire.

That’s the same barn board and chicken wire frame that I used in my Whimsical Easter Wreath, Reversible Heart Baking Pan Wreath, and my Vintage Christmas Ornament Tree.

All I did was remove the white feather boa that was behind it in those projects. I wanted the chicken wire to stand out more around the vase.


wall planter vase

Here it is hanging in the master bedroom.

I’m so pleased to finally have a cat safe vase. I’m sure I’ll be using it all year round. Flowers from my own gardens from spring to fall, and bought bouquets during the winter months… and maybe some seasonal and holiday arrangements too.

Flowers in the bedroom all year long. How wonderful! And no spilled or broken vases to worry about. Yay!

Now I need to find more planters like this one so I can hang a vase in every room in the house. I can see it and smell it now… flowers everywhere! That sounds pretty good to me.

How do you display fresh flowers?

Thanks so much for reading, and until next time….

stop and smell the flowers.



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  1. I love fresh flowers in the house but I have the same problem. This is a great solution!! Thanks for the idea.

    1. We love our pets, but we need our little luxuries too right? lol. Although I don’t think free flowers from the garden should be considered a luxury. It sure feels like it though. A free luxury. How great it that? Thanks for stopping by Ginnie.

  2. I would have been afraid to paint over the natural rustiness of that cute planter but, you did it and it looks fabulous! That color is divine and of course looks great in your master bedroom. I would love to have fresh flowers inside but I am allergic to most when they are indoors 🙁

    1. Thanks AnnMarie. Oh that’s too bad about the allergies, but you could use artificial flowers. They are so much better looking than they used to be. Much more realistic, and no allergies to worry about.

  3. Same problem, love fresh flowers, but have 2 of those mischief makers! This is fantastic! And I just love that area of your room!!

    1. Thanks Dona! I have to say that I’m not tiring of my pink and green bedroom yet, and hopefully I never will. My cats love it too, and have pretty much taken over the settee. lol. Sometimes, if I’m lucky, I get to sit in it too.

  4. What a great idea! Now I have to find a vintage curlicue planter, hehe 🙂 –Fran

    1. Thanks Fran! I hope you find one soon.

  5. I love it! The color is so pretty and the plastic cup is genius!


    1. Thanks Tania! That pistachio is one of my favourite colours. It’s so fresh and summery.

    1. Thanks so much Kris! I appreciate you stopping by.

  6. You see “cat safe” – I see “jumping challenge”! The new framed vase looks great in the room. Beautiful choice of green.

    1. Ha! That is too funny Donna. You must have some serious jumpers on your hands. That green is a favourite colour of mine.

  7. This is just fantastic! Loving the idea of fresh flowers in your bedroom. A great color choice too and I love that you used what you had. That frame just keeps on giving.

    1. Thanks Karen! In truth I wish the frame was a little bit bigger, but like you said I used what I had. I need to find me a rickety old barn so I can get me some barnboard (with permission of course). I just love the stuff!

  8. ColleenB. says:

    Framed flower vase……clever idea. Looks stunning hanging on your wall, plus I like the color you painted it with. That Pistachio color goes well with the strips on your bench. Great job

    1. Thanks Colleen! The pistachio colour matches the historic green that I used on my sleigh bed too. It’s a little brighter, but it still goes really well.

  9. Tuula I simply adore it. Fresh flowers are my one luxury I don’t have cats but I do have preschoolers lol Id love a few of these around the house even if I can’t get a pretty vintage one I’m going to keep any eye out for planters.

    1. Thanks Mel! When I love something I tend to do it in multiples… like buying every colour of a blouse. lol. But I don’t have any more wall planters. I hope both of us find some soon.

  10. I so love the green color you used and it looks terrific framed like that, great idea to have a pet safe planter.

    1. Thanks so much Connie! The cats haven’t even noticed it on the wall. That’s a good thing.

  11. What a great idea! I really like the color and the chicken wire frame you hung it on. Thanks, Tuula for sharing your transformation at Vintage Inspiration Party.

    1. Thanks Betsy! Chicken wire is this girl’s best friend. lol.

  12. That really is a fabulous idea. I’m going to try it. Thank you.

    1. Thanks so much Debra. I hope you do. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it as much as I’m enjoying mine.

  13. Stephanie says:

    You planter is darling, my friend! And I love where you put it 🙂 Thanks for sharing with Roses of Inspiration. I hope you’re able to join us again this week. Hugs to you!

    1. Thanks so much Stephanie! I’m looking forward to changing it during different times of the year. Can’t wait for Christmas!

  14. Once again, Tuula you have a great idea. I don’t have cats or small children, but I do have a lack of empty horizontal surfaces for vases. I love the green color.

    1. Thanks Betty! I hope you find a wall planter that will work for you. I’m on the lookout for more.

  15. What a brilliant idea! Your hanging wall vase is very lovely. My cat Pyewacket doesn’t knock vases over, like a previous kitty did. I would have really loved that in my house a few years back. I will have to keep my eyes open for something similar. It is a great idea. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks Sheila! Lucky you that Pyewachet behaves him/herself. It may be because I have four they that can be a little mischievous. I think they would probably call it playful. lol.

  16. Really cute, I love how you framed it off and I great tip on putting a plastic cup inside the tin can to avoid rust. I like using coffee cans for flowers, but the rust is always an issue. Congrats on moving to WordPress, Your blog is looking awesome Tuula!!