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Vintage Tiered Stand Makeover

When I shared this vintage tiered stand in this finds of the week post a few weeks ago I said it would be getting a makeover.

Vintage Tiered Metal Stand / thriftyrebelvintage.com

It’s been quite sweltering here for a few days,  so I decided if I can’t beat ’em… join ’em.

And to me that means… hot pink, and the hotter the better. 🙂

There’s nothing better for an easy makeover than some good old fashioned spray paint love, and that’s just what this tiered stand got.

Spray painting tiered stand

spray painting vintage metal tiered stand pink / thriftyrebelvintage.com

I took it out to my handy dandy cardboard spray painting area and did three light coats of a hot pink.

I took it apart to make it easier.

Adding bundt cake pans to tiered stand

vintage metal tiered makeover / thriftyrebelvintage.com

When I brought the stand inside I decided I wanted to use it to store some of my vintage cookie cutters so I looked through my vintage bake ware stashes and found this large bundt cake pan that the centre rod easily fit through.

cutting a vintage aluminum bundt pan to fit into metal tiered stand / thriftyrebelvintage.om

Finding one to fit the top part of the stand was a little tricky.

Smaller pans have smaller centre holes so I had to cut slits with my metal cutters to make the hole bigger.

bundt pan storage in vintage tiered stand makeover / thriftyrebelvintage.com

Then I just used a flathead screwdriver to push the edges down so the rod would fit through.

Filling cake pans in tiered stand

bundt pan storage in vintage tiered stand makeover / thriftyrebelvintage.com

Here it is all done.

Now I know not everyone would spay paint this hot pink, but if you’re a girl with hot pink ceiling in your craft room ( I resemble that remark) then this is definitely for you…

and me.

Vintage Tiered Stand Makeover / thriftyrebelvintage.c

Here it is in my craft room.

I moved my scarf collection into a basket in the bedroom so I could use this large hat box for my cookie cutter collection. Some of which are now stored in my tiered stand.

Now I have all these large jars to organized other stuff.

This was such a quick and easy project.

I just love spray paint!

Have you spray painted anything recently?

Thanks so much to you for reading, and until next time… keep on keepin’ on.

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  1. ColleenB.~Texas says:

    clever and cute idea
    What a Beeeeeeeeeautiful makeover; not only the tiered stand but as well as them angel food cake pans which makes a wonderful place for your vintage cookie cutters

    1. Thanks so much Colleen! I love pink and aluminum together.

    1. Thanks Kris. I am a girl who loves pink.

  2. Oh my goodness how cute! I love that you added the baking pans. That’s genius!


    1. Thanks Tania! I had to think of a way to contain my cookie cutters. My vintage bakeware obsession comes in handy sometimes. lol.

    1. Thanks Sharon! I was lucky to find two that fit nicely. I can never have too much storage in my craft room.

  3. Oh, goodness! I absolutely love this idea! Your mind must never shut down! lol

    1. Thanks Debbie! In my world I can never go wrong with pink and silver. It’s one of my favourite combos.

    1. Thanks so much Candice!

    1. Thanks so much Cecilia!

  4. The perfect makeover for the Queen of Pink herself! Love the brushed nickel look of the cake pans with the hot pink–great job Tuula 🙂

    1. Thanks Diana! I’m always amazed by what a little spray paint can do.

    1. Thanks so much Kathleen!

  5. This is just too awesome. What a clever idea to add the bundt pans.

    1. Thanks very much Beverly!

  6. What a fun makeover and so easy too. I really like the contrast of the hot pink with the aluminum. Great job! Thanks for linking up your transformation with Talk of the Town.

    1. Thanks Betsy! It’s always fun to join the party!

  7. I cannot imagine the stand in any other color than pink for your craft room! It looks so good with the silver of the pans. Great makeover.

    1. Thanks AnnMarie! I think it would look awesome in aqua or turquoise too, but because it was for my craft room… it had to be pink.

  8. FANTASTIC! How perfectly those pans work in there. Loooooove the pink!

    1. Thanks so much Lauren!

  9. The pink is so fun – and I have a similar tiered stand! 😀 I may need to find some fun spray paint… 😉

    1. Thanks Sarah! I think pink and silver are a match made in colour heaven.

    1. Thanks very much Debbie!

  10. I love the pink! I wish my cooky cutter collection fit into a hat box; I probably have about a tote (large) full! Mine are not necessarily vintage as I love making all kinds of holidays cookies. I am always looking for SAFE ways to stack stuff higher and deeper so the tiers are great!

    1. Tuula McPhee says:

      I hear you on the stacking thing. This tiered stand holds just a small part of my cookie cutter collection. I have a set of 4 hat boxes that hold the rest. One day I’ll use a bunch of them in a giant repurposing project I think. Or I should say I hope. lol.