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Wardrobe Makeover into Computer Armoire

Repurpose a wardrobe into a computer armoire

When it comes to finding just the right piece of furniture we might just have what we need right in our own homes, and this DIY computer armoire project was like that.

I needed storage in my craft room for my computer and other supplies. I had been looking for quite a while at the Restore, garages sales, and online too.

But I just couldn’t find the right size piece.

Then one day I wasn’t even looking when I realized I had the perfect piece right in front of me all along.

outside look of old wardrobe before being repurposed

I’ve had this very light thin plywood wardrobe for quite a few years. It measures about 65″ tall, 35″ wide, and about 21″ deep.

inside of old wardrobe before being repurposed

I found this wardrobe at an auction for $25 eons ago, and I had been using it in my bedroom. It was waiting for a makeover, but because I was never really happy with its small size I never got around to redoing it.

Until now.

Now it’s going to get a makeover, and be repurposed at the same time… into the perfect computer armoire.

Painting the outside of the computer armoire

old wardrobe door trim being painted white

The first thing I did was turn the wardrobe upside down. I needed the flat top for the bottom.

You’ll see why later.

Also, I just love turning things on their heads. lol.

One surprise outcome, that I didn’t even think of until I literally turned it over, was the bottom now gave my soon-to-be computer armoire a nice decorative top.

The outside of the piece got two coats of a Restore Ooops Dulux white paint. There was no need to paint the door insets because I had other plans for them.

Painting the inside of the computer armoire

painting inside of DIY computer armoire and adding shelves

The inside got two coats of the same pink (Beauti-tone Moulin Rouge) that I’ve been using on other items in my craft studio like my craft room desk makeover. I painted the insides of the doors with the white and, again, didn’t paint the insets because I had plans for them also.

I removed the centre piece of pine that ran down the middle of the wardrobe by cutting through it with a saw and just pulling it out.

Then I used odds and ends pieces of lumber, cut to size, for my shelves, adding new braces with screws where needed.

Spray painting the doors with chalkboard paint

spray paiting insets of doors with chalkboard paint

I spray painted the insets of the outside of the doors with Rustoleum chalkboard paint, taping all around them first and protecting them with newspaper.

removed computer armoire doors to paint trim and cover insets with fabric

Once the chalkboard outside doors were dry I brought them back into the room to complete the inside of the doors.

cork inlays to be covered with fabric and attached to the doors

I reused a large old cork board that I already had and cut it into pieces to fit into the four insets of the doors.

Covering the cork with fabric

covering cork pieces with fabric for doors

To create my fabric insets I laid a cork piece on my fabric and simply cut around it, leaving about 1 1/2″ to fold over and staple.

gluing fabric onto cork inlays for the doors

To attach my fabric to the cork board I stapled it, starting at the top center.

Then the bottom center, and then the centers of the sides, pulling slightly so my fabric was taut, but not too tight.

Then I just made my way around all four sides, pulling gently as I went and stapling.

stapling fabric corners of cork inlays

At each corner, I cut away any excess fabric and folded it over as neatly as I could and stapled it into place.

gluing down fabric covered cork onto repurposed wardrobe doors

I used contact cement to attach the panels, and I placed some heavy books and other items on top until the glue set.

Inside of doors with white trim and fabric cork-covered inlays

Here are the doors after the glue has set.

Putting the computer armoire together

Repurposing an old wardrobe into a computer armoire and placing it on top of two small bookcases

Because this small room is 9 1/2′ tall, I really wanted to use its height. With the help of my hubby John, the computer armoire was placed on top of two old Ikea bookcases that I already had.

This is why I needed to turn the wardrobe upside down, so I could use the flat surface for the bottom. Before putting the unit in place I drilled a hole into the back for all the computer cords.

The small bookcase doors still open just fine, so I’ll be keeping seasonal craft items in them that I don’t need to access all the time.

Adding my things into the computer armoire

Filling interior of computer armoire with office and craft room supplies

Here it is with all my stuff in it, and everything worked.

Before I put everything in, I painted the braces that I added pink, so they would almost disappear.

The height inside the the computer armoire was too high for my keyboard. I needed to add something to the top of the bookcases so I could move my keyboard and mouse down when using them.

Creating a shelf for my computer keyboard

screwing a thrift store plaque onto bookshelves as a keyboard shelf

I had an MDF sign that was the perfect size (can’t show it to you because it may be copyright infringement).

I’m all about using what I have and it already had a black edge. I turned it upside down and just nailed it to the top of the bookcases. The hammer hit the sides of the armoire, so I had a few touch ups to do after these pics were taken.

covering a thrift store plaque with non-slip drawer liner for keyboard shelf

I had some non-slip viny shelf liner that I bought at the dollar store for $2. It was the perfect width, so I just added that on top.

DIY Computer armoire from an old wardrobe

Inside of finished computer armoire created from a repurposed wardrobe sitting on two small bookcases

Here’s my finished computer armoire with my fabric-covered bulletin board insets.

It holds all my bills, office supplies, and some craft items that I don’t use very often.

It’s nice that I can close the doors and hide this stuff away.

Outside of computer armoire with chalkboard doors sitting on two small bookcases

Here it is with the doors closed with my chalkboard painted insets.

I’m leaving the gap because it allows me to keep my keyboard and mouse out if I want to. I can still close the doors to keep the cats out.

Outside of computer armoire with chalkboard doors, decoupaged side, and keyboard shelf

I decoupaged the side of the computer armoire with some poetry magazine pages just to give it a fun look. It just goies to show that you can really use anything to pretty things up.

So, here are the befores and afters.

Outside of old wooden wardrobe before

So here’s the outside before again.

Outside of DIY computer armoire from repurposed wardrobe with chalkboard doors and keyboard shelf

And the chalkboard after.

inside of old wardrobe before being repurposed

the inside before.

Inside of computer armoire with fabric and cork doors re-attached filled with computer and printing equipment

And the inside after.

I’m so glad I was able to reuse this old wardrobe. It’s been given a whole newbeautiful life, and a purposeful one too.

So the next time you’re looking for something specific for your home, take a look at what you already have.

You just might be surprised by what you find.

Please share on Pinterest!

Create a computer armoire by repurposing an old small wooden wardrobe.

Thanks so much for reading and until next time,

keep on keepin’ on!


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  1. How ingenious is this project. i am in awe of 6your vision for the old armoire. Great job!

    1. Thanks so much Donna! This was a big job, but I'm so glad to have all my office stuff tucked away and not out in the open like it was before. I really appreciate you stopping by!

  2. Very clever idea. I always love the idea of repurposing something for another use. I am your newest follower! Hope you'll stop by for a visit.

    1. Thanks Diane! I always like to try to reuse what I already have. Thanks so much for following! I'm on my way over to check out your blog.

  3. What a fantastic project! All your hard work paid off! Thanks for sharing. Thanks for stopping by with your inspirational comment too!


  4. Wow, that looks incredible! I am so impressed right now 🙂

  5. Wow!! What a great way to repurpose so many things and make a small space so practical! Thank you so much for linking this up to Think Tank Thursday!!

    1. Thanks Carrie! I always like to try to reuse things I already have. Thanks for stopping by and for hosting the party.

  6. Great job Tuula. How smart you are to re-purpose the old cabinet to such a useful and pretty project and a real space saver too. Love the fabric covered inserts and I am sure you will find them very handy.
    Thanks for stopping by Timeless Treasures with a nice comment.
    Hope you will visit often.
    Audrey Z. http://audreyzumwalt.blogspot.com/

    1. Thank you so much Audrey! It's such fun to repurpose and makeover pieces. I really love your pumpkin lamp. Thanks for visiting!

  7. This is so cool! The bottom looks really great as the top – it adds flair! Love how you used your vertical space and put it up so high 🙂

    1. Thanks Karen! It's a small room so I have to use what space I have. The more stuff I can store the less clutter I have, and for me that's a good thing because I don't like clutter. Thanks so much for stopping by!

  8. What a clever reuse. It looks fabulous and has so much storage! Great job. I'm visiting from Under the Table and Dreaming.

    Have a great week!

    1. Thanks so much Deborah! I always try to resue what I already have, and I always need storage. I appreciate you stopping by for a visit!

  9. Love the chalk boards and your fabric choice!!!! Big project!!!! I posted "crafty clothes pin" to Debbie's newbie party:) Following you via google and gave you a personal and page like on Facebook. Follow me too at http://www.swesweetvinatge.com and share a Facebook like. So glad we have power here in DE today:)

    1. Thanks very much! It was a big project, that's for sure. But well worth it because now I'm enjoying it. Thanks so much for following. It's great to have you along. I'll definitely be popping by your blog for a visit.

    1. Thanks so much! I love making over pieces that I already have.. and that really need it. I appreciate you stopping by.

  10. Wow, that looks amazing! You have been one busy lady. I love it, and the fabric is awesome. Thanks so much for sharing at A Bouquet of Talent. I love seeing your awesome projects. So inspiring. You go girl!! 🙂

    1. Thanks Kathy! Yes… I have been very busy. But I'm loving getting this craft room in shape… finally. I'm really enjoying linking up each week. It's such a fun party!

  11. This is adorable…you did such a great job.
    Over from Eliz and Co.

  12. Seriously?

    This would have taken SO. MUCH. WORK. SO pretty though—I love all the little details. That fabric on the inside is just lovely. I bet you are just loving having it done though—oh lady, you are talented!

  13. I was oohing & aahing the whole post! You have got to be loving that! What a great idea! Love the pink fabric too! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks very much Kathie! I am so happy to have all my computer stuff behind closed doors. I can't wait to show my whole craft room redo. Thanks for popping in and for hosting such a great party.

  14. Katherine Pittman says:

    You are very creative and I love your computer/work station. There is something about you Tuula…very likeable, real & approachable!!!

    1. Thanks Katherine! That’s so sweet of you to say. 🙂 My computer armoire is still working for me. I think most of us are decorating with very real budget restraints, so I hope that I share my budget-friendly projects in a very real way.

  15. That is one of the best makeovers I’ve seen! So beautiful & so much storage space that you can hide away! Great job!

    1. Thanks so much Sharon! It does hold a lot of essentials, and it’s nice to be able to close the doors and not see it all.

  16. Barbara Jones says:

    WOW so beautiful.