We interrupt this guest room makeover…

for something completely different, and maybe just a teensy bit creepy.

So while I let the paint cure on my guest room triple dresser makeover (before I move on to the next step of a few more steps) I thought I’d share this thrifted item with you.

I found this tripod thingy at my local thrift store the other day for a whopping 50 cents, and for some reason totally unknown to me I couldn’t resist it. Am I crazy?

Well… maybe… j-u-u-u-s-t a little.

It fascinates me… and kinda creeps me out at the same time.

Does anyone know what this is? Needless to say it won’t be going in my new guest room.

The Thrifty Rebel

When I first saw it from a distance I thought they were snake heads, but after daring to venture closer I quickly ruled that out.

I’m not sure what those heads are supposed to be, but they have a wildly perplexed look in their eyes that makes me a little nervous. That’s probably what I look like when I’m stuck on a makeover.

The Thrifty Rebel

Their bodies intertwine and they look like they’ve been carved out of one piece of wood. I can’t see a seam anywhere. How is this possible?

The Thrifty Rebel

The leaf patterns on their necks and legs are all slightly different, so they’re probably either hand painted or wood inlays. I can feel that they’re slightly raised.

The Thrifty Rebel

It’s in excellent condition and folds up for storage.

The Thrifty Rebel

What the heck is this thing? I can’t find any markings on it anywhere to help me out, and when set up it’s only about 10″ high.

The Thrifty Rebel

So… have you ever thrifted something as weird as this?

I started thinking that maybe it’s a stand for a tray or a bowl, but really… I have no clue. Any ideas?

What do you think it is?


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  1. Hmm, I believe you guessed what it is – a stand. I think my mother-in-law had one years ago. You should be able to sit a container between the arms or legs. It's very beautiful with delicate markings. You found a real bargain for 50 cents! Way to go, Tuula!

  2. I think it is a stand for a bowl or vase. It is beautifully made. Now, get back to work on your guest room!

  3. I have seen a similar one with a bowl resting in it.
    🙂 Beautifully constructed whatever it is..
    Cheers, Gee

  4. I would also say it is for a bowl. I kept thinking of ferrets when I saw the heads?! Unusual but stunning. A definite talking point. Chel x

  5. I love a good conversation piece and that is for sure one of them. When I first looked at them too I thought YIKES SNAKES but then I thought NOOOO … BUT they are cool and in great condition for sure…………. Hope that your Easter will be blessed .. HUGS and love your blog sister.. POP on over to mine anytime.. LOVE to have ya

  6. Your bowl stand is carved from a single piece of wood and will be teak or rosewood. It's hard to tell from the picture but the inlays were either brass or sandalwood. It's hand made in India in the late sixties, early seventies. How do I know all this? I had one and bought it from a door to door salesman in 1971. My mom bought rosewood living room tables, with ivory and ebony inlays, from the same man. For 50 cents, you have found a wonderful piece of vintage, hand crafted work!

  7. I agree with Maureen. It is the base to hold a brass tray. I had a larger one as a coffee table for many years. Mine were not snakes however. Mine were carved with birds and inlayed with ivory. You got a great!

  8. Agree with Maureen! Holds a tray…but…Serioiusly..I'd put some mosaic tiles on a bowling ball in some colors that match your room and put it right in there girl! I have 2 of those, but about half the size and no creepy eyes! Fun find!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Definitely a beautiful piece. It is supposed to hold an abalone shell or dish which is traditional used for burning smudge.

    I would use beautiful bowl and either fill it with your favourite things or as a planter.

    Can't wait to see what creativity you put into it!

  10. Looks like a plant stand to me! It is a very unique piece. With the right pot and plant in it is will look wonderful! ANd you can't go wrong for 50 cents!

    Have a blessed Easter!

  11. or a round piece of glass could rest on top of the heads?

  12. It is a plant stand where you can put a large pot or even a sheet of glass to use it as a table. My aunt has on that my uncle brought back from a business trip to Iraq. Hers is carved camels. They really are incredible pieces when you see that they are carved from a single piece of wood. As for the animals carved into yours… perhaps it's Indian and they are mongooses?
    Beautiful piece and a steal too.

  13. Cool piece…my first thought were otters, but I think Cindy is right, they are mongooses.

  14. You could use it to hold a decorative "Crystal Ball" or a any type of round object. They look like greyhound heads to me. I would love to own such a unique piece of arts and craft history.