What Colour Would You Choose?

(The instant I saw this a song popped into my head.)


“Isn’t it ugly?”

“Isn’t it horrible?”


“Isn’t it ghastly?”
 “A thing only I could love.”


“I  never dreamed a thing could be
so trashed by the seventies.”


“Isn’t it ugly? Oh… yes indeed!!!”
“ba ba da da       ba da da      bump bump”

It needs some love people…. some serious new millennium love.

I’m talkin’ about some spray paintin’ love to de-uglify.Can you dig it? lol.

What colour would you choose?

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  1. The weird thing is, I have one very similar except that it is a misty greenish-grey color. It is hanging on my fence that looks identical to your set up. The green-grey of mine makes it look more organic, blends in with my garden & yard… but if I were going to place one on my porch for example, it would be a 'cleaner' choice that would coordinate with my color du jour.

  2. I actually love it but yes, the current colour is the worst. I would do white with a slight accent of sage green or vice-versa. It will look great when you're done with it!

  3. That is fantastic. It will be great with whatever color you choose. Good score Tuula!

  4. You were certainly right – your ugly piece would go perfectly with my ugly piece! I see several possibilities: 1) Spray it with cinnamon brown, light overlay of ivory white to make it rusty looking. 2) spray with copper and overlay with a verdigris green. 3) spray with a galvanized steel paint – I just discovered this color and want to use it. 4) Add even more colors to make it totally outrageous! Can't wait to see what you do!

  5. I love this piece and I would choose either black hammered or maybe an aqua. A color that blends with your house and flower colors. Great find!!!

  6. I have no idea Tuula. I'd probably try several different colors. I can never make up my mind. Depends on where you put it. It is very cool though, not THAT ugly. Hope you have a great weekend!

  7. Aqua or jade for sure! Looking forward to seeing what you do with it! Have a wonderful weekend,,,,,Vicky

  8. Ok – I'm going to come right out and say it – even if it's embrarrassing to do so – I DON'T THINK IT'S UGLY AT ALL – I ACTUALLY LOVE THE COLORS !!!!!!!!!!!! White flowers inside? Yeah, think I'd leave that.
    Please delete this after reading LMHO

  9. I'd do either lime or daffoild yellow with white. But you didn't say where you are putting it. So if for sale Lime…….

  10. Well, I was going to suggest aqua, but it was way too popular with everyone. Same for shades of green and yellow. I was intrigued by the galvanized finish. I think you should jump out there with Radiant Orchid and fill the planter with lots of the gorgeous dark purple summer petunias!