What the Heck Is It? #13

Happy Thursday friends, an welcome to another edition of What the Heck Is It?

In What the Heck #12 I shared this vintage hand painted chess set that I found a few years ago at a garage sale.

What the Heck Is It #12 / thriftyrebelvintage.comVerralynne, a TRV reader, found an almost identical set on ebay listed for $65.00 U.S. That set did have a wooden chess board with it and I only have the pieces, but I think it’s quite the score considering I paid $2.

Apparently this set is Hungarian. Thanks so much for the info Verralynne. It’s nice to know some history about this charming chess set.


This week’s mystery item comes from Linda, a reader of TRV who isn’t a blogger, and I’m hoping you guys can help her out.

She emailed me a couple of photos and it’s an interesting piece.

She picked it up at a garage sale a couple of years ago, and no one has been able to tell her what it is.

What the Heck Is It? #13

It has a lovely aged patina, and there’s no writing on it to help identify it.


What the Heck Is It? #13

When you turn the knob in the middle the spokey things all go in and out.
What the Heck Is It? #13

What the Heck Is It? Any thoughts?

Thanks so much for reading and until next time…

keep on keepin’ on!


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  1. This was a needlework item. You would set up the yarn on the spikes (in a spoke pattern) and then do circular weaving. When you were done, you turned the knob to withdraw the spikes and release your weaving. I own several.

  2. Yes, but it makes Daiseys…..it’s a Daisey Maker. I have 2 of them, and the instructions. And a box full of daiseys waiting to be put together for a baby blanket!!!! Woo hoo! I knew this one!!!! Dona

  3. ColleenB.~Texas says:

    Vintage item that dates back to the 1940’s

  4. Looks like you got some good comments on what this might be for your friend. Have a great rest of the week Tuula.

  5. Thank you everyone! I’m so excited to find out about this piece! I knew I was sending it to the right place! Tuula, you and your followers are the best! Heading to the youtube video now!!!!

    1. I’m so glad that the mystery is solved Linda! Thanks so much to all who commented. 🙂

  6. I have one that is gold , makes flowers … love mine I also have the instruction sheet which also says these come in a larger size, would love to find a bigger one as well ! Cool stuff

  7. I was thinking fried pies but then I am hungry. A daisy maker – got to go over to see the video.

  8. Oh, I thought for sure that no one would know what this was… I sure didn’t! I’m glad to see that several people knew and helped solve the mystery!!


  9. Wow, that mystery was solved fast! Woulda never guessed it was a daisy maker!

  10. Wow! That was fast. Hey, do I get any extra points for thinking it had something to do with sewing? Looking forward to your next “What The Heck Is It?” post.

  11. I know I am a bit late on this but Yes, it is a Crazy Daisy Winder. I found one too, but mine is in the package and has instructions. Mine is made by Scovill.

  12. Cool, glad to know what it is. lol…might have to send you a pic sometime when I cannot figure something out.