What’s New in My Shoppe & My Next Project

I’ve been very busy this week getting some new items into my etsy shop..
I’ve made a few garden flower plates, and more wind chimes.
Garden Plate Flower

This first 3 piece glass flower plate has a vintage cuff link as it’s centre.


Garden Plate Flower

This 4 piece flower is silver plate and glass, and has a vintage faux pearl and rhinestone earring glued into the centre of the amber glass candle holder.


Vintage Silverware Wind Chimes

This silver plate and glass hearts wind chime has silverware chimes that have been hand stamped by me with the words peace, joy, love, faith, and hope. The centre glass heart is surrounded by individually applied clear rhinestone parts that I salvaged from a bracelet, which also decorate the necks of each spoon and the handle of the centre spoon.

Garden Plate Flower

This 3 piece glass and silver plate flower has a gold tone rhinestone brooch centre.

Garden Plate Flower
And this 3 pieceflower plate has a centre rhinestone brooch as well, which looks gold toned or silver toned depending on the light.
Vintage Sifter Wind Chimes

And last but not least… my vintage sifter and measuring spoon wind chime. I shared how I made this here.


Now it’s time to take a small break from making garden art, and work on this… my project for this weekend.


Mid Century Table

I found her at the Restore for five whole dollars (marked down from $10), and except for the fact that she needs a total makeover… she’s absolutely perfect. lol.

I’ll be back on Monday with the makeover… or the disaster… depending on how it goes. I know what I’m doing… just not exactly how I’m doing it.

So what else is new. lol.

Thanks so much for reading!

Have a fabulous weekend!


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  1. You've created very lovely flower plates and windchimes, Tuula and I'm sure they're sell easily in your shop. Can't wait to see how the table turns out. Love the styling and its' many possibilities.

  2. You are getting quite fancy with the wind chimes. I am sure I would not put them outside where they might get broken – just too pretty. Love that mid-century table!

  3. Your lawn art is just beautiful Tuula – but since I'm a furniture kind of lady I can't wait to see what you do with that little beauty !!!
    Happy weekend!

  4. You have become quite the garden artist. I'm pinning. Get going on that table so we see what you have in mind for it!

  5. These are so creative an beautiful, love using the silver plate.


  6. Hi Tuula,
    I love all the new lawn art. You have such a knack with those chimes too. I still have the beautiful french one I won from you last year. Love it. Makes the pretty sounds in the wind. Love all the new creations.

  7. Just beautiful, Tuula! I am in love with mine and they will be staying inside. You never know when one of my squirrels will run off with something!
    I never find furniture at Restore for under $100. It's way overpriced here. I saw some Walmart stools (2) priced at $69 each.
    Original price…$10 at Walmart. Grrrrrrr.
    Have fun painting your fun table and enjoy your weekend!

  8. Those all look fantastic! I love your chimes…

    Have a happy weekend Tuula!

  9. Pinning your beautiful creations! You have such unique, one of a kind, garden treasures! I am very excited to see what you do with your table…..

  10. I always enjoy looking at your creations, but I am so excited to see what you did with that table! I hope to eventually stumble upon one for myself. I just love the two tiers! Have a wonderful weekend…VVicky

  11. You make the coolest stuff Tuula! All of your garden art is beautiful! I'm loving that new table. I can't wait to see what you did to it!