Where I Wake

In this queen size bed
with its warm and faded sheets..
In this bedroom…
with its old plaster walls,
its nine foot ceiling,
and its thrift store furniture…
repainted and re-loved..
In this house…
with its hundred year old brick,
its creaky wooden floors,
and its soul that beats
with all the hearts that came before us..
In this township…
with its crop-filled fields,
its animal-filled barns,
its ditch-side wildflowers,
and its fresh country air..
In this province…
with its small towns and big cities,
its walking trails and amusement parks,
its lakesides and its back roads,
its white pines and its trilliums..
In this country…
with its rivers and its highways,
its coastlines and its mountains,
its landscapes and its skylines,
its wildlife and its city life..
In this world…
with every human being and animal,
with its deserts and its jungles,
its forests and its oceans,
its horrors and its wonders,
its wars and its peace,
its ugliness and its beauty..
In this life…
with all its joy and all its sorrow,
all its betrayal and forgiving,
all its laughter and its crying, 
all its celebrating and grieving,
all its noise and all its silence,
all its waving and its drowning,

all its lies and all its truth.

With all its love..
In this universe
with all that is unknown..
In his arms

with all that is known.

by T. M. Lehtinen (that’s me)


My husband John is my “here”.Happy 25th Anniversary Honey. With all my love.

 Thanks so much for reading everyone.
Have a wonderful day!
NOTE: The line “all its waving and its drowning” is a reference to the poem entitled Not Waving but Drowning by the poet Stevie Smith… one of my many favourites on my long list of favourite poets.

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  1. Love this, Tulla…what a lovely tribute! (Not Waving But Drowning is one of my faves, too.)

  2. What an absolutely beautiful poem and tribute to your husband. I enjoyed reading every word…:) Thank you for sharing it with us….you have a true talent my friend. I would love to read more if you have others. Have a blessed weekend.

  3. A heart and soul piece which shows the love grown through the years. Happy Anniversary!

    PS What a stylish, mod couple!

  4. Yay for 25 years!! Happy Anniversary Tuula and John and cheers to a beautiful poem!

  5. What a handsome couple! Happy 25th Anniversary! You are truly talented! Are you published? Don't know how I missed this . . .saw it on "You're Gonna Love It Tuesday"

  6. Happy Anniversary to another April Bride.

    The poem is beautiful and lovingly written.