Winter Weary but Thriftily Cheery

When I’m feeling winter weary there’s almost nothing that can cheer me up more than a successful trip to my usual thrift store haunts.
Here’s a group pic of a recent haul.

I’ve been looking for a vintage bread box for the kitchen for eons, and I finally found one that’s in great shape. All it needs is a little cleaning.
The Thrifty Rebel
When I got it home I decided I wasn’t going to use it as a bread box after all.
Surprise… Surprise.
The Thrifty Rebel
It fits perfectly on my craft room shelf for some hidden storage and that’s where it

will stay…

for now.
Check out these heavy wire teacups, and chicken wire teapot… they’ll be great  as outdoor decor… if the warm weather ever decides to make an appearance. At this point… I’m pretty doubtful, and I won’t be surprised if winter is still here in June.
The Thrifty Rebel
But I choose to be optimistic… (in spite of my pessimistic self) and I see this teapot stuffed with cocoa fibre and planted with something pink and fabulous.
And these teacups would be great for teaspoon wind chimes… or I could plant them with some hens and chicks… or I could do both. How crazy would that be? Ha!


The Thrifty Rebel

The navy and aqua combination of this enamel cup is sooo to my liking, and I finally found my first ever enamel funnel. Yay!!

The Thrifty Rebel

This beautifully tarnished silver teapot is unmarked and very heavy.


The Thrifty Rebel

Check out her feet.



And the undersides of her feet!!

Is that attention to detail or what?

And last but not least… I really love these enamel bowls.


The Thrifty Rebel

The largest bowl at the back left is marked Bumper Harvest and the mid sized bowl on the right is marked Lucky Elephant. Why?  I haven’t a clue, but I love that name.

The small mustard gold bowl is unmarked, but it has a whole lotta crazing going on.

And I love crazing!

I have a project idea for these bowls, but I need to find the missing piece to put them all together. I’m on the hunt for that now.

Wish me luck… and happy thrifting!



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  1. more wonderful treasures you have.
    Anxious to see what you will be doing with them bowls. They are lovely, but must say; I love that teapot

  2. I love, love, love the wire teacups and pot. So unusual! It's amazing at all the neat items you find. You have a special gift for this!

  3. You don't need luck girl! You'll find them. Look at you making rhymes in the dead of winter. I have been on the lookout for a bread box for years and I'm jealous!

  4. Great finds!! Good luck on finding that missing piece. You have peaked my curiosity with those bowls!

  5. It looks like the bread box has its original cutting board in the door. The bowls in such great shape are hard to find around here. My favorite has to be the funnel. Love funnels! Mother Nature called – she is cancelling spring this year.

  6. Love the teacups and funnel the most but the bread box is great too! Can't wait to get back to some sales this spring. Assuming warmer days do make their way back to us! 😉

  7. What great finds. My favorites are the heavy wire pieces, they can be so pretty for the warmer weather in the garden. The teapot is a gorgeous piece. Great haul!


  8. I'm loving your finds, especially the wire pieces! So many possibilities!

  9. You found some great things! I love the blue enamel cup and the wire teapot and cups…too cool! Can't wait to see what you do with them. Have a wonderful weekend…Vicky

  10. You are going to laugh, but out of all those fabulous finds, my favorite was the enamel funnel. I keep seeing funnels in craft rooms for holding string and I need to find one.

    You do know that my winter ended up with you. In southern California we went from summer to summer (no fall) and then right into spring.

  11. Love the bread box. I'm actually doing one I found in a thrift shop but my fave is the wire tea set oh that was the score of the century

  12. Fun thrifty finds! I am in love with that silver coffee/tea pot! It is a beauty!! thank you for sharing at TTF this week and have a wonderful weekend!

  13. Tuula,
    You have some great finds. Love the bread box. That piece is awesome. Have a great start to the new week.

  14. I would have bought those things too! I love the wire pot and cups! And that bread box might be worth something! Have a great week Tuula.

  15. I saw this at the bottom of today’s craft (spring garden hose) . It looked new to me so I checked for my comment and there was none!! You made a good haul to the thrift shop then!! And I think I recognized the bread box you fixed up!! Like seeing an old friend! Good going, girl!

    1. Thanks Dona! The links at the bottom of posts are sometimes from older posts. Thanks for checking it out. 🙂