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Easy Feather Boa Wreath

A feather boa wreath is very quick and easy to put together, and you get a lot of bang for your buck… even if you get them at the dollar store.

When I thrifted a couple of white boas for next to nothing last year I knew I wanted to make a wreath out of them.

feather boa wreath

All I needed for this project was 2 white feather boas and a large grapevine wreath from my stash.

Feather Boa Wreath

feather boa wreath

I actually got this far last year, but never posted about it. I simply wrapped the grapevine frame with the boas and sort of pushed the ends into the wreath with a letter opener so they’d hold.

Even though I liked the texture I thought it was just ho hum and I couldn’t decide what to do next, so I took it apart and that was that.


Feather boa wreath 5

Then a few weeks ago I received a parcel from my friend AnnMarie from Musings of a Vintage Junkie, and inside was this lovely snow globe that she made.

Isn’t it fabulous? The little bunny is so sweet.


feather boa wreath 6

It has a place of honor on a master bedroom bookshelf with some of my antique books.

This lovely gift from AnnMarie gave me an idea, and was my inspiration to put my feather boa wreath back together for this Christmas season, but this time with a little vignette inside it.


feather boa wreath

I went through my stashes looking for something to use. I knew I didn’t have any little animals, but I thought I must have something…. and I did!

A lovely little vintage Putz chapel. Perfect!

I have a bunch of bottle brush trees so I grabbed a few different sizes and just tucked them in around the chapel.


feather boa wreath

And just like that my ho hum wreath came alive, and now I totally love it. Because it’s not strictly a Christmas scene I can keep this out to enjoy all winter long. And let me tell you it can be long. lol.

I didn’t want to add a bow or anything at the top because I thought it would take away from the vignette, but you certainly could if you wanted to. I’m sorta loving the simple look of it.

The best part about this wreath is I didn’t have to glue anything. The chapel and trees are just sitting on the wreath. I didn’t really want to glue my Putz chapel in so this worked out great.

So I have to say a huge thank you to AnnMarie, not only for her lovely gift but also for the inspiration to help me solve my feather boa wreath dilemma. Bloggy friends are the best!

Thanks so much for reading, and until next time… keep on keepin’ on.



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  1. Oh, that is just lovely! And the idea of keeping it out all winter appeals to me!! But then…my brain thinks…you can get boas in all colors!! Valentine’s day! St Patrick’s Day! 4th of July! Ooooh, fall! Halloween! ACK! Stop! But thanks…again….for the inspiration!!! Dona

    1. Thanks so much Dona! I have a small collection of boas for making projects in the future. They just as good as scarves for crafting. I just love their texture.

  2. I love it Tuula! I haven’t seen you in awhile. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

    1. Thanks so much Pam! I just popped over to say hi, and to admire your Christmas tablecloths. You have the best collection of Christmas linens.

  3. Oh, how sweet is that wreath and your kind words for me! I love that my gift inspired you to make something so lovely….and easy! I love the simple style of the wreath. It looks so vintage. Definitely a keeper for all winter long!

    1. Thanks so much AnnMarie! I will certainly treasure your gift, and I know it will bring me inspiration next Christmas when I try my hand at making some snow globes myself. Hopefully mine will turn out as amazing as yours. Thanks again!

    1. Aw… that’s so sweet of you to say Cynthia, but I’m glad you like the chapel version too.

  4. It’s just beautiful Tuula and I love that the inspiration for the finishing touches came from AnnMarie–she’s a sweetie.

    1. And she’s so talented too. I just love the snow globe she sent me. I’ll be trying to make some of my own next year.

    1. Thanks you so much! I love the texture of feather boas. Merry Christmas to you.

  5. Jann Olson says:

    Yes, now it’s just perfect! I received a snow globe from Ann Marie as well. I love it! I will be sharing it in a post later this week.

    1. Thanks Jann! Isn’t AnnMarie a sweeti? I love mine too! I look forward to seeing yours.